Dear, Ella Is up Next on XPLA!

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2 min readSep 6, 2022


Greetings, Leaders!

Welcome to the world of Dear, Ella.

Dear, Ella is the first mobile RPG on XPLA, a Mainnet developed by the C2X team.

Before we begin, here is a story behind the Kingdom of Esperansa.

Ella’s uncle, Zenon, staged a revolt against Ella’s father, the king of Esperansa Kingdom, and killed him, claiming his throne. He then proceeded to murder Ella as well.
However, thanks to the mysterious pendant that she inherited from her mother, Ella managed to come back to life.
When she opened her eyes, Ella found herself in a world set sometime in the future.
She knew that this was her last opportunity to change her fate.

Set off on your journey in an epic world where you’ll come across all sorts of powerful heroes.
Make strategic use of their unique Chain Skills and exclusive gear to turn the tide of battle.

You can acquire NFT Heroes through crafting or trading, and use them in the world of Dear, Ella.

Check out our Whitepaper for more details!

Pre-registration is ongoing!

Don’t forget to pre-register to claim your rewards on the day of the official release!
The pre-registration rewards will help strengthen your characters and help change Ella’s fate!

We will be back with more news soon!

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